Ermanno Scervino


ERMANNO SCERVINO (Italy) was founded in 1997 as a result of an alliance between two talented people – entrepreneur Toni Scervino and designer Ermanno Daelli. The fashion label is a constant participant of the Milan Fashion Week and has become popular among celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman and others.


The designers of the label create garments, which flatter the true beauty of the female body. The collections of ERMANNO SCERVINO are made of natural fabrics. Luxurious laces and sophisticated embroidery are the brand’s identity. Nevertheless, in spite of multiple decorative elements, the outfits are elegant and neat.  Thanks to that, the brand gets a unique product which is always appreciated.

Along with the women clothes, ERMANNO SCERVINO proposes the undergarments and swimsuits inspired by the Italian traditional “dolce vita”. The articles decorated with laces are present in every collection, be it loungewear or undergarments, and such laced articles are the characteristic feature of the brand.

The production is based on the Italian traditional technologies, which are ideally combined with progressive techniques of sewing clothes. Therefore, the underwear fits perfectly, and every woman who tries on the lingerie from ERMANNO SCERVINO looks stylish and romantic, emphasizing their individualism and the uniqueness of female nature.

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