Mathilde M.


In 1986, in the small French town of Macon, a team of talented designers began creating stylish vintage items for the kitchen, table setting and interior, which deserved the attention of both tourists and French residents. This is how Orval Creations was founded. In 2002, MATHILDE M. brand was created, which became part of the Orval Creations holding.


The company’s business card is elegant accessories from perfumed ceramics that retain their aroma for up to 4 years. The best perfumes, oils, extracts from vanilla, bergamot, lavender pods are used for fragrances, and perfumers blend different aromas to create their own unique, exclusive and memorable compositions.

The collection includes exquisite products in the form of traditional medallions, elegant aromatic sachets with floral aromas of Provence, decorative hand-made soap, scented candles and indoor sprays, as well as all sorts of accessories for home and bathroom.

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