Olivia von Halle


OLIVIA VON HALLE is an English brand that creates silk dresses and pajamas that women can wear every day and for going out instead of evening gowns. The brand designer Olivia von Halle, a trend analyst in the past, worked on her brand concept for a whole year and launched her own brand in 2011. As a rule, Olivia devotes collections to a specific theme, i. e. the old British aristocracy, Shanghai, Tokyo or Marrakesh, which significantly affects the designer’s prints



A year after the release of the first collection, news with the headline “David Beckham buys Victoria Beckham Olivia von Halle silk pajamas” appeared in the media. This helped significantly to raise the popularity of the brand. Now the silk pajamas of the British brand can be found in 40 stores around the world, including Harrods and Liberty. At the moment, the designer is creating a line of men’s clothing.


“I think girls need clothes that make them feel comfortable – like a men’s white shirt. Pajamas are just such a thing. Today, dress codes are becoming less strict, and you can wear clothes that make you happier, and that, again, is pajamas,” says designer Olivia von Halle.


Olivia believes that it’s the duty of a woman to herself to always look one hundred percent, to be feminine and effective even where there are no conditions for that. According to the designer, a woman in silk pajamas with an elegant print looks perfect and evokes delight even when she is cooking dinner or relaxing after a hard day at work.


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